Pride of the Yankees?

One thing that can almost ruin even a good baseball movie for me is if the uniforms are not done accurately. I happened to catch “Pride of the Yankees” on TV the other day, arguably one of the best baseball films ever made, and was immediately struck by how far off the road “NEW YORK” uniform lettering was, more precisely how low on the chest it was placed. As this was (and is) possibly the most famous baseball uniform in the world, and there were ample references available to the costumers, it is difficult to understand why more effort was not expended on accurately replicating the jerseys. If you look closely at both jerseys, you can see that the button spacing on the movie version is farther apart than on the real uniform, however the lettering could still have been moved up to more closely match the originals. After all, this is one of the most recognizable athletic uniforms in the world, so not that tough to get right. Another interesting story regarding the uniforms in this film: Since Gehrig was left-handed and Cooper was right-handed, a number of scenes were shot wearing a backwards-lettered uniform. This way, Cooper could “bat” right-handed, but the film could be turned around and he could be shown batting left-handed with the letters and Gehrig’s #4 still facing the right way!

Movie version with low lettering.

Movie version with low lettering.

Lou Gehrig in Yankee road flannel. Note placement of "Y".

Lou Gehrig in Yankee road flannel. Note height and arc of lettering.

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