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The world of blogging, Email Newsletters, Social Media, etc. is constantly changing. When your whole sense of aesthetics and the very reason your business exists is to elevate the past, you can be tempted to ignore or resist the wonders of modern technology. However, I am resisting the temptation to pull out the manual typewriter, hunt and peck my latest musings, run off copies on a mimeograph machine, and mail them out to you in an envelope. We’ll keep the past safely preserved in the way we make historic athletic garments while we embrace (as much as possible) contemporary means of communicating with our customers. Hopefully this new format will allow me to jot down my thoughts a little more frequently, without becoming hung up technicalities.

The Blog is called Rule 19. Why? That was the original official rule mandating uniforms for baseball teams back in the 1800s, published in Spalding’s Base Ball Guide. These Guides are a treasure trove of wonder for baseball (or should I say “base ball”) history buffs. For example, here is a notice from the 1901 Guide. (Click on it for a better view). Hopefully the new blog format will inspire me to share my thoughts a little more frequently. Thanks for tuning in…Jerry Cohen, EFF co-founder.

Spalding1901 001

5 thoughts on “Blog, Schmog…

  1. Loved this post! I, too, wade into social media with trepidation and find myself wishing I were reaching back into the past rather than out into the future. For that reason, I nearly wept reading the sweet innocence in the newspaper ad encouraging young ball players to send in their stats. I wonder how many young hopefuls responded and how many actually got their shot… Imagine the excitement of getting a phone call from a manager inviting you to a tryout! Wow


      • I have had a burden to pray for peace bteween the US and Cuba for the past several years. I am planning for my 3rd trip to Cuba in April 2012 and would appreciate prayer support. Blessings!


      • And they didn’t even break out the 1972 all-gold, with all-caps block-letter PADRES and all-brown caps. Or the 1998 pinstripe, with oragne-shadowed blue PADRES in yet another style and interlocking white and oragne S and D on the cap.Amazing.


    • And there’s a bonus for not wearing the rgaelur home uniform.The bumblebee Pirates could also wear three different colors of pants, but the jerseys were similar enough that I’d say these Padres have them beat.


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